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Get Involved. 

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HCWP Involvement and Activities

Community involvement is an essential part of improving the water quality in the Hawk Creek Watershed.  HCWP has many activities to educate, involve, and encourage participation of those that live, work, and enjoy the Hawk Creek Watershed to make meaningful contributions to improving our water quality. 


We conduct a Citizen Monitoring Network consisting of several volunteers who track precipitation amounts and stream and lake conditions within the Hawk Creek Watershed.  Thank you to all of our volunteers for your hard work!  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jordan at (320)523-3666 or


We hold public meetings.  We hold an annual appreciation and information meeting, usually in late February or early March.  Please see the Calendar page for more information about dates, times, and locations. 


We also participate in several events and activities with local schools and organizations.  Please contact us if you would like us to present to your organization or be involved in your events and activities.

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