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Reduced Tillage Cost-Share Now Available for 2021


Cover Crop Cost-Share Now Available for 2021   

The HCWP and Renville County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) are offering cost-share for reduced tillage and for cover crops in 2021.  See below for guidelines to both programs.

Over 2,200 acres enrolled in 2017 cover crop cost-share program

2017 was the third year the cover crop cost-share program was offered and it continues to grow.  In 2017, more than 2,200 acres were enrolled to receive cost-share money.        

Over 1,000 acres signed up with the 2015 cover crop cost-share program. 

The program required at least two species in the seed mix and several land owners/occupiers planted combinations of oats, radishes, turnips, vetch, rye, and triticale. 










                                        A field planted with cover crops of oats and radishes in October 2015. 





HCWP offers a variety of conservation practices that are eligible for cost-share assistance.  We have funding available for all of the Hawk Creek Watershed and the Renville County portion of the Middle Minnesota Watershed to cost-share on BMP projects that have a water quality benefit (see maps under About Us tab).  Give us a call and we can help come up with a plan to fix water quality and erosion problems on your land.


Here's a few examples of BMPs:


Alternative Intakes

 - Cost-share up to 75% not to exceed $500/open intake replacement

 - Examples of types of alternative intakes include: 

       - Rock or Blind Intake: This design involves digging a trench, placing drainage tile in the bottom, and filling the trench with small rock.  The 

          advantage of this system is that it can be farmable.

       - Hickenbottom Intake: This technique involves replacing an open intake with a perforated riser.

       - For more information on alternative intakes, click here.


Ditch Bank Side Inlets

  -  A structure used to control the grade and head cutting primarily on ditch banks.


Sediment Basins

  - A basin constructed to collect and store debris or sediment.


Other projects eligible for cost-share assistance include:

ag-waste projects, feedlot upgrades, grassed waterways, livestock exclusions, rain gardens, retention ponds, terraces, wetland restorations, shoreline restorations, and other qualifying projects that improve water quality and reduce erosion.



Click here to download a HCWP Conservation Practice Cost-Share Contract.


Click here to download a HCWP Cost-Share Voucher Form.